Santander, España, 10.06.2012




Mr. Ban Ki-moon,

The UN Secretary General,

United Nations Organization,

Nueva York



Dear Sir:


I am so surprise of the level of violation of the human rights, in my case, in Spain, without any reaction of governments, intellectuals and the United Nations. Since the beginning of my religious mission, first as Consul of Divine Misericordy and late as Ambassador of JESUCRISTI.


My first mission has consisted in helping Cuba to go out of the economic and social crisis, as I am a graduated of MGIMO University, Doctorate at Latin American Institute of Academic of Sciences of Russia and a Professor of Havana University. As I suppose, since the beginning of the mission in July of 2007, there are some control about my person. But I sure that, since May 2008, I have not private life, because they are listening me 24 hours. Since them, there were enormous effort to disestablish me; phicological, economic and social, including interferences in my religious circle, whit accent in a person who help me economically.

I feel that there are some paranormal work, frequencies, lights, metaphysic and other new military technology applications that in same way disestablish me, but for a long time I have contrarrested, For example, someone mental give orders, when I am sleeping. I have the capacity, when I hear orders, I soon awoke and take measure. Even, agents have been introduced into my house and apply me electric shock through a tiny ¿wall, when I was sleeping. It was in my hat and for a period I have not a good stability, to write was difficult (I am a writer). It was done by a medical doctor, who lived in my house in the neighbour room.

Somebody decent must know better than me. But it is visible the hand of benedict  xvi, the king of Spain and his son, Foundation Madrid Vivo, pus Dei and same elements of military intelligence, acting illegal through the enterprise and institutions. Aznar is very involved.

I asked for diplomatic help to the Governments of Russia and Cuba. By now, there not any answer nor contact.

I ask help to an Economist like me. But She is very important person and She in some way is the same sac with the violators, but She is not a violator  I don’t know if She can help me without broking her status. I trust Her.


For some days, the situation looks worse. Also, my heart is ill, very ill since my cardio operation in Havana in 1996, The effort of these day to survival, being all the time into a circle of unknown people, unknown people who known me, The same in Santander or in Torrelavega, Even at home it is nor save.


I ask quickly diplomatic protection of the United Nations.













Particular dates:


Passport of Spain: AC261874 (IN ORDER)

Passport of Cuba: D 032612 (expired)

Telephone home: (34) 942763273

Address: Avenida Valdecilla 27  Portal 1 Sexto A

Santander, España.


Now, I am recovering my Heart in:

Telephone: (34) 942339399 ask for KARY

Avenida Pintor Gutiérrez Solana 11, 9B

Santander, España.